alice in wonderland

today i watched "alice in wonderland"064.gif

the movie is so beautiful!!056.gif016.gif056.gif the heroine is very cute!016.gif
i guess... music direction is especially nice!006.gif
but a little bit too long...042.gif original story supports it.

thesedays my stomach is no good... that makes my shoulder and my head painful007.gif i depend on compress and analgesia008.gif

really... health is most important for any lives.

next month i wanna watch the movie "permanent nobara", hair salon wild rose.

almost main character are ladies, strong, funny, miserable, but all of them have very good personality, we can love love love016.gif

a lady, owner of night club, said she can fuck any men, any people. coz she must bein love someone.

the heroine loves someone no bein, he is dead? no, that's sure he stands by her.
and no lady can laugh about her.

by boushiseijin | 2010-04-22 23:25 | PC