today's my home, my town

today i cleaned up my room, porch, aired out the down quilt.058.gif 042.gif

i went to the department near my house to have a corean stew seafood and tofu in red hot soup.031.gif
went downstairs, i chouse a few earrings. i didn't have to go to forever 21 in shibuya!026.gif


and moreover, in another building next to the station, i found a nice brooch and bracelet from europe!041.gif


i bought flowers in the pot for new year and came home, called to pizza delivery for dinner!024.gif

my mother's friend will show pictures taken in GEOGIA in popotame ikebukuro tokyo april 26 - may 1

by boushiseijin | 2010-12-27 16:37 | from tokio