today... already yesterday is my birthday!!067.gif024.gif
buuuut! a hysteric costomer got angry with me on the work!007.gif007.gif

she was a intolerant person, but i cannot say that out loud, as a good worker,
though i will quit the restaurant next week.

at last! this month 24th, i will go to peru. i wanna make my head clear by alone.

my peruvian boyfriend in japan cannot go to peru, coz he has no enough money. always he makes me too lonely...047.gif

my 28th birth day was not so good!! but i'm sure i will get hapiness. i know every good person lives happy!!016.gif056.gif
as of now just i read magazine and dream a new bra, rouge010.gif


by boushiseijin | 2011-01-08 01:09 | from tokio